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Watch this video and more on Film Movement Plus

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  • The Quiet Earth

    In this sci-fi cult classic, Zac Hobson, a mid-level scientist working on a global energy project, wakes up to a nightmare. After his project malfunctions, Zac discovers that he may be the last man on Earth. As he searches empty cities for other survivors, Zac’s mental state begins to deteriorate...

  • Rose Plays Julie

    Rose (Ann Skelly) is a promising veterinary student in Dublin. Despite having a loving relationship with her adoptive parents, she has been searching for her birth mother for many years. When Rose finally tracks Ellen (Orla Brady) down in London, she forces her to reveal a painful secret from her...

  • The Square

    Documenting the ongoing 2011 Egyptian Revolution, THE SQUARE details the incredible sacrifices made by a group of activists as they battle regimes and risk their lives in the wake of their country's overthrow of a 30-year dictatorship. A truly immersive experience, the film transports viewers int...