Drive-In Retro Classics: Space

Drive-In Retro Classics: Space

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Drive-In Retro Classics: Space
  • Destination Moon

    When government financial support for the first-ever trip to the moon dries up, three scientists must find a way to finish their space rocket and get it into orbit. After overcoming insurmountable obstacles, they finally manage to achieve their goal of spaceflight to the moon, only to find the re...

  • First Spaceship on Venus

    After an alien artifact is discovered on Earth, scientists conclude that its origin was from Venus. A team of interstellar astronauts are sent on a mission to the distant planet, where they find the remains of a lost civilization.

    Starring Yôko Tani and Oldrich Lukes.


  • Missile to the Moon

    A scientist-engineer and his partner have built a rocket capable of traveling to the moon, but the military announce they will take over the project despite the scientist’s objections. The scientist discovers two escaped convicts hiding aboard the rocket, and uses them as crew-members to fly to t...

  • The Phantom Planet

    A two-man space crew is ordered to investigate the disappearance of an expeditionary rocket and is forced to crash-land on a mysterious asteroid. Only one of the men survives, and he alone must contend with the alien civilization living on the asteroid.

    Starring Dean Fredericks and Coleen Gray....

  • Project Moonbase

    In the year 1970, the U.S. government launches a mission into space to set up a military installation on the moon. A saboteur, however, threatens the success of the mission.

    Starring Ross Ford and Donna Martell.


  • Rocketship X-M

    A crew of revered scientists blasts into space on mankind’s first expedition to the moon. A sudden loss of power and a freak accident sends their rocket hurling out of control, and the crew crash lands on Mars. While exploring the red planet they discover evidence of lost ancient civilization, bu...

  • Things to Come

    A landmark science-fiction film that examines mankind’s capacity for peace and scientific progress and also for tyranny and destruction. As war rages, civilizations fight endlessly until little is left. Later, a warlord claims the remaining vestige of civilization until he learns of a new, more a...