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Films of Female Empowerment

Films of Female Empowerment

Best known for her films dominated by strong women and feminist themes, Marleen Gorris is one of the Netherlands's best-known filmmakers and an important, often provocative voice in world cinema. Her 1995 Academy Award-winner ANTONIA'S LINE is presented alongside Gorris' acclaimed 2009 film WITHIN THE WHIRLWIND, starring Emily Watson and based on the true story of Yevgenia Ginzburg, a survivor of Stalin's purges.

Films of Female Empowerment
  • Antonia's Line

    Alliance of Women Film Journalists Selection! Read an excerpt from Leslie Combemale's AWFJ review: "With ANTONIA'S LINE, writer/director Marleen Gorris created a film that is a celebration of life and an unflinching look at the challenges intergenerational women faced throughout the 20th century....

  • Within the Whirlwind

    Based on a true story. In 1937, Russian writer and literature professor Eugenia Ginzburg (Emily Watson) was arrested on false charges during Joseph Stalin's Great Purge. Sentenced to ten years of hard labor in a Siberian Gulag, Ginzburg eventually found the will to survive through her relationshi...