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Robert Mugge Music Films and Documentaries

Robert Mugge Music Films and Documentaries

American filmmaker Robert Mugge has been capturing the essence of great musical performers and performances since the 1970s. His acclaimed documentaries about blues, bluegrass, reggae, zydeco and Hawaiian music have included feature-length profiles of Al Green, Ruben Blades, Sonny Rollins, Robert Johnson and Gil Scott-Heron. According to Mugge, “In my films, music frequently serves as a leaping-off point for discussions of social issues, cultural issues, political issues, even religious issues. In fact, I tend to see music as a metaphor for the human spirit.”

“Films of the documentarian Robert Mugge [are] cultural reference books... Documents of a flourishing below-the-radar culture... they are archival records as well as entertainments.”
–The New York Times

“Musicologists, cultural historians and just plain folks are going to hail Mugge as a national treasure.”
–The Seattle Times

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Robert Mugge Music Films and Documentaries
  • Saxophone Colossus Featuring Sonny Rollins

    Renowned music documentarian Robert Mugge presents an in-depth portrait of tenor saxophone master Sonny Rollins, among the greatest artists in jazz history. Named after one of Rollins' best-known albums, this 1986 film presents an ensemble performance in upstate New York and the world premiere of...

  • New Orleans Music in Exile

    Like their neighbors, members of the legendary New Orleans music community were devastated by Hurricane Katrina and its tragic aftermath. Renowned music documentarian Robert Mugge creates an emotional portrait of horror, heartbreak, and hope as the musicians who lived through the disaster pick up...

  • Rhythm 'n' Bayous: A Road Map to Louisiana Music

    Acclaimed “King of the Music Documentary” Robert Mugge takes his audience on a rollicking ride through Louisiana’s musical backwater bayous. Regional experts guide this trip from historic concert halls to po’boy joints, blues dives, zydeco clubs, gospel churches and intimate family gatherings, a ...

  • The Kingdom of Zydeco

    Renowned music documentarian Robert Mugge looks at the black Creole music scene of Southwest Louisiana and at attempts to name a new "king of zydeco."

  • Last of the Mississippi Jukes

    Renowned music documentarian Robert Mugge explores the fading traditions of juke joints where the blues was born a century ago and where regional musicians still practice their craft and entertain their fans. The film focuses, in particular, on two well-known Mississippi venues: Jimmy King’s lege...