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Coming Attractions

Coming Attractions

Preview our upcoming schedule of exclusives and premieres!

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Coming Attractions
  • Rose Plays Julie - Coming 10/7

    After searching for her birth mother for years, Rose (Ann Skelly) finally tracks Ellen (Orla Brady) down in London and forces her to reveal a painful secret from her past. This shocking revelation rattles Rose’s already fragile sense of identity and draws her into a dangerous world of impersonati...

  • The Inspector General - Coming 10/7

    Simple-minded snake oil salesman Georgi (Danny Kaye) is too honest for his own good, when after his partner (Walter Slezak) fires him, he wanders into a corrupt town and gets mistaken for a diplomat.

  • Looking for Lucky - Coming 11/4

    A student in Shenyang loses his professor’s dog and must enlist his father’s help to retrieve it or else his prospects of an important tutorship vanish.

  • Curiosa - Coming 11/4

    Paris 1895. Pierre Louÿs is madly in love with Marie de Heredia, the daughter of his mentor, but Marie marries his friend Henri de Régnier. Badly hurt, Pierre leaves for Algeria where he meets Zohra, a bewitching local with a passion for erotic photography.

  • Tailgate - Coming 11/11

    Hans, his wife and two children, hit the highway on a trip to visit family. After getting stuck behind a slow-moving van, Hans recklessly starts antagonizing the eerily stoic driver. Little does he realize that he has crossed the wrong motorist.

  • They Say Nothing Stays the Same - Coming 11/18

    An old ferryman in a remote Meiji-era community lives a peaceful, cyclical existence, given meaning by the role he plays in transporting people, livestock and goods across the water. When news arrives that a bridge is being built, it's clear that his services will no longer be needed. Meanwhile, ...

  • Aalto - Coming 11/25

    Journey into the life and work of the defining figure in Scandic design and one of the greatest modern architects, Alvar Aalto, with this cinematic tour of his creative process and iconic buildings as seen all over the world.

  • Memory House - Coming 12/2

    Cristovam, an indigenous black man from rural northern Brazil, moves to an industrialized southern town to work in a milk factory. Immediately confronted with their virulent racism, he becomes more and more estranged from the white world. Upon discovering an abandoned house filled with objects re...

  • Final Set - Coming 12/9

    Once a rising tennis prodigy, Thomas (Alex Lutz) struggles with disappointment and setbacks over a long and lackluster career. At 37, in spite of his declining skills and chronic physical ailments, he is determined to play the French Open. Although his wife Eve (Ana Girardot) and mother Judith (K...

  • Joy Womack: The White Swan - Coming 12/16

    Providing exclusive access to her grueling training regimen, this documentary follows the personal and professional life of world-renowned dancer Joy Womack; from her challenges as a U.S.-born student at the Bolshoi Ballet to becoming prima ballerina of the Kremlin Ballet and her performance of a...

  • Saint-Narcisse - Coming 12/23

    Dominic, a young man with a fetish for himself, uncovers the hidden truth about his fractured family. Reunited with his long-estranged brood, he becomes embroiled in a blasphemous web of sex, revenge and redemption.

  • The Rifleman - Coming 12/30

    Too young to fight but old enough to die, sixteen-year-old Arturs enlists to serve on the Eastern Front with dreams of becoming a hero. Conscripted into one of Latvia’s first national battalions, he soon discovers the grim reality of trench warfare.