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Coming Attractions

Coming Attractions

Preview our upcoming schedule of exclusives and premieres!

Coming Attractions
  • A Radiant Girl - Coming 7/26

    Paris, summer 1942. Irene is a 19-year-old aspiring actress without a care in the world. Her family watches her discover friends, new love, and a passion for the theater, all the while without her realizing that time is running out.

  • Stay with Us - Coming 7/26

    After three years living in America, French-Jewish actor and comedian Gad Elmaleh decides to move back home to Paris. He misses his family and friends. Or, at least that’s what Gad tells his loving yet overbearing parents, Régine and David. However, it’s not long before they find out the true rea...

  • Warm Water Under a Red Bridge - Coming 8/9

    Yosuke Sasano, an unemployed salaryman who arrives in a remote fishing village following a rumor of hidden treasure. Instead, he meets Saeko Aizawa, a charming and unusual woman with a unique problem: a well of warm water inside her longing for release.

  • Retreat - Coming 8/16

    Sheltered by the rocky landscape while on holiday in the mountains, Michael believes that he and his son are safe from the outside world, which is crumbling under the impact of environmental destruction and economic crises.

  • All Eyes Off Me - Coming 8/23

    At a party in Tel Aviv, Danny is looking for Max to tell him that she’s pregnant with his child. Meanwhile, Max is busy with his new girlfriend, Avishag. He attempts to satisfy her rough sexual fantasies, but Avishag instead turns her attention to an older man.

  • Other People - Coming 8/30

    Kamil, a wannabe-rapper who should be getting his life and career going but instead gets high, roams around the city and starts an affair with a bored, rich housewife.

  • Employee of the Month - Coming 9/6

    After serving as a model employee for nearly 17 years, Inès knows she is long overdue for a raise. When she confronts her incompetent and misogynistic boss, he cruelly rejects the request while making a lecherous pass at her. New intern Mélody witnesses the incident and jumps in to help, but in t...

  • Into the Weeds - Coming 11/8

    Does the most widely used weed killer on the planet cause cancer? Discover the riveting story of groundskeeper Lee Johnson and his fight for justice against agrochemical giant Monsanto, the manufacturer of Roundup herbicide.