Coming Attractions

Coming Attractions

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Coming Attractions
  • Nina - Coming November 22

    Struggling in her marriage, Nina longs to have a child but is unable to conceive. An accidental encounter with the young and beguiling Magda, renews her hope in finding a surrogate but also awakens a repressed desire.

  • The Sower - Coming November 29

    In 1851, Louis-Napoléon Bonaparte orders the arrest of all men in a remote farming village. When a mysterious stranger arrives, he ignites passions and jealousies that threaten to destroy the women who remain.

  • As If I am Not There - Coming November 29

    During the beginning of the Bosnian War, a schoolteacher from Sarajevo is subjected to the basest form of treatment imaginable when Serbian soldiers overrun the small village where she is working. Based on true events.