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  • Between Shadow and Soul - Trailer

    Ash Mayfair reimagines her acclaimed debut feature THE THIRD WIFE as a silent, black and white film, creating a completely different cinematic experience.

    When fourteen-year-old May becomes the third wife of a wealthy landowner, she finds herself navigating treacherous waters of family politics ...

  • The Miracle of The Little Prince - Trailer

    Next to the Bible, The Little Prince is the most translated book in the world. Meet people from locations as varied as Morocco, Scandinavia, El Salvador and Tibet who have chosen this book to keep their languages and cultures alive.

  • A Midsummer Night's Dream - Trailer

    From the mind of award-winning director Julie Taymor (The Lion King on Broadway, Frida, Titus) comes a Shakespeare adaptation like none other. Rich with Taymor's trademark creativity, this immersive and darkly poetic cinematic experience, filmed in front of a live audience, brings the play's icon...

  • Strike a Pose - Trailer

    In 1990, seven young male dancers joined Madonna on her most controversial tour. Now, years later, they reveal the truth about this life-changing experience, when they were ambassadors to the world on behalf of the LGBTQ community during the height of the AIDS epidemic.

  • Holly Near: Singing for Our Lives - Trailer

    Singer, songwriter and social activist Holly Near has been performing for over 50 years. From sold-out shows on iconic stages to million-person peace marches, this career-spanning documentary elevates Near to her deserved status of iconic artist and activist.

  • Take Me to the River - Trailer

    A gay teenager tries to remain above the fray at his Nebraskan family reunion, but a strange encounter places him at the center of a long buried family secret.

  • Within the Whirlwind - Trailer

    Based on the true story of Eugenia Ginzburg, a Russian literature professor who was arrested on false charges during Stalin's reign of terror and sentenced to ten years of hard labor in a Siberian Gulag. From Marleen Gorris, the director of the Academy Award-winning film Antonia's Line.

  • Jasper Jones - Trailer

    In a small Australian town, a teenage boy discovers what it means be courageous when he sets out to solve a murder. Based on the acclaimed novel by Craig Silvey.

  • The White King - Trailer

    When a dictatorship government imprisons his father, Djata and his mother are labeled traitors. Based on a the international best-seller by György Dragomán.

  • Home from Home: Chronicle of a Vision - Trailer

    In the mid-19th century, a young man dreams of fleeing the famine, poverty and despotism of his German village for the freedom of the wild South American jungle.

  • Policeman - Trailer

    The leader of an Israeli antiterrorism unit is confronted with the most personal form of class warfare imaginable while caring for his pregnant wife.

  • The Fate of Lee Khan - Trailer

    Trailblazing filmmaker King Hu (A Touch of Zen) brings together an all-star female cast, including Li Li-hua and Angela Mao, in this lively martial arts adventure featuring action sequences by Sammo Hung.

  • Winter Flies - Trailer

    The rebellious fourteen-year-old Mára sets out behind the wheel of a stolen Audi with his eccentric friend Heduš. Together they head out into the frozen wastelands of the Czech Republic in search of adventure.

  • Gregory's Girl - Trailer

    Gregory is an awkward Scottish teenager who has fallen hard for Dorothy, the first female player on his school’s soccer team. When he finally musters the courage to ask Dorothy on a date, nothing turns out as expected.

  • The Ice King - Trailer

    The greatest ice skater of all time, John Curry, transformed a dated sport into an art form and made history by becoming the first openly gay Olympian in a time when homosexuality was not even fully legal.

  • Bad Lucky Goat - Trailer

    After they accidentally hit a goat with their father’s truck, two incompatible teenage siblings set out on a 24-hour journey of reconciliation and comedic misadventure.

  • Afterimage - Trailer

    The final film of legendary director Andrzej Wajda tells the tragic story of avant-garde artist Wladyslaw Strzeminski and his personal crusade against the Stalinist orthodoxy.

  • The Third Wife - Trailer

    In late 19th century Vietnam, fourteen-year-old May becomes the third wife to a wealthy landowner. She quickly learns that she can gain status and security if she gives birth to a male child, but her burgeoning attraction to Xuan, the second wife, puts her fragile standing in jeopardy.

  • Complicity - Trailer

    Desperate for work, a Chinese immigrant who is living illegally in Japan assumes a false identity to get a job at a soba restaurant, but the constant threat of deportation looms large over him.

  • Ritual: A Psychomagic Story - Trailer

    Lia once had a strong, passionate relationship with her lover Viktor, but a series of traumatic events sends her spiraling into a dark depression. Desperate to find a cure, she embarks on a psychomagic journey.

  • Scared of Revolution - Trailer

    While battling drug addiction and other demons, Umar Bin Hassan of The Last Poets became a major influence on hip-hop. Now he has committed himself to be the devoted father figure that he was never fortunate enough to know.

  • Never Ever - Trailer

    Rey (Mathieu Amalric) and Laura (Julia Roy) believe they have found eternal bliss in their secluded seaside villa. But when he dies in a tragic accident, Laura alone by herself… or so she thinks. Based on a book by Don DeLillo.

  • Genèse - Trailer

    At a time when others are conforming, three teenagers stand their ground and assert their right to love and be free. A continued exploration of the adolescent themes introduced in director Philippe Lesage’s THE DEMONS.

  • The Demons - Trailer

    While Montreal is in the throes of a string of kidnappings targeting young boys, ten-year-old Félix becomes afraid of nearly everything he observes, until his imaginary demons begin to mirror those in the disturbing, real-life world around him.