Restored Classics

Restored Classics

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Restored Classics
  • Teenage Monster - Preview

    After a mysterious object falls from the sky and kills his father, a boy begins to slowly transform into something monstrous not of this Earth.

  • The Phantom Planet - Preview

    A two-man space crew is ordered to investigate the disappearance of an expeditionary rocket.

  • Project Moonbase - Preview

    The U.S; government launches a mission into space to set up a military installation on the moon.

  • Rocketship X-M - Preview

    A lunar mission goes awry and the crew instead lands on Mars, where they discover ancient ruins.

  • The Brain from Planet Arous - Preview

    An evil alien brain from the planet Arous hijacks the body of a scientist to control the Earth.

  • The Cosmic Man - Trailer

    An unidentified flying object travels to Earth carrying a cosmic humanoid claiming to come in peace. But is humanity prepared to receive his message?

  • Devil Girl from Mars - Preview

    An uptight, leather-clad female alien comes to Earth to collect Earth's men as breeding stock.

  • Missile to the Moon - Preview

    Escaped cons stowaway on a flight to the moon and discover alien women ruled by a sadistic queen.

  • First Spaceship on Venus - Preview

    When an alien artifact is discovered, a team of astronauts embarks to investigate its origins.

  • Destination Moon - Previe

    Three scientists must find a way to finish their space rocket and get it into orbit.

  • Things To Come - Preview

  • A Time for Dying - Trailer

    Aspiring to be a famous bounty hunter, Cass Bunning instead finds trouble in Silver City and after a run-in with the notorious outlaw Jesse James (Audie Murphy) meets an untimely end while facing the James Bandits in a final showdown.

  • All About Lily Chou-Chou - Trailer

    Yuichi is in the 8th grade and worships Lily Chou-Chou, a Bjork-like singer whose lush and transcendent music provides the perfect escape to the pain and anxiety of his brutal life. From acclaimed director Shunji Iwai.

  • Caro Diario - Trailer

    Nanni Moretti recounts three entries from his “diary” in the hilarious and intimate self-reflective comedy CARO DIARIO, which follows the filmmaker’s musing on cinema atop a Vespa, a trip to the Aeolian Islands to work on his new screenplay, and his search for health and wellness after breaking o...

  • Farinelli - Trailer

    The incredible, true story of the 18th century opera singer, who was castrated to preserve his voice, comes to life in this Oscar-nominated drama of high notes and even higher passions.

  • Frantz Fanon: Black Skin, White Mask - Trailer

    Exploring Frantz Fanon’s long and tortuous inner journey, this innovative film biography weaves together documentary footage with readings from his works and dramatizations of key moments in his life.

  • Fritz Lang's Indian Epic - Trailer

    This 4K restoration of FRITZ LANG'S INDIAN EPIC presents the films THE TIGER OF ESCHNAPUR and THE INDIAN TOMB as they were originally created in 1959. These films are a product of their time and contain cultural and racial depictions that viewers may find offensive.

  • Gregory's Girl - Trailer

    Gregory is an awkward Scottish teenager who has fallen hard for Dorothy, the first female player on his school’s soccer team. When he finally musters the courage to ask Dorothy on a date, nothing turns out as expected.

  • Hana-bi (Fireworks) - Trailer

    In Takeshi Kitano’s first true masterpiece, police detective Nishi (Kitano) takes desperate measures to try and set things right in a world gone wrong.

  • Kamikaze 89 - Trailer

    In his final starring role, Rainer Werner Fassbinder plays a police lieutenant investigating a mysterious bomb threat in a totalitarian-controlled, cyberpunk-inspired dystopian future.

  • L'Innocente - Trailer

    Gabriele d'Annunzio’s passionate novel is brought to life in Luchino Visconti's final masterpiece. In 19th century Italy, Tullio (Giancarlo Giannini) grows bored with his wife, Giuliana (Laura Antonelli), and neglects her for his mistress, Countess Teresa Raffo (Jennifer O'Neill).

  • Marquise - Trailer

    Born into poverty, Marquise (Sophie Marceau) makes the most of her exquisite beauty and resourceful guile to become one of the most celebrated actresses in the court of Louis XIV. Directed by Véra Belmont.

  • Midaq Alley - Trailer

    This acclaimed adaptation of Nobel prize winner Naguib Mahfuz's novel, explores the converging stories of a diverse group of individuals inside Mexico City and stars Salma Hayek.

  • Mr. Topaze - Trailer

    Honest French teacher Albert Topaze (Peter Sellers) falls prey to corrupt city official Castel Benac (Herbert Lom), who uses him as a front for one of his shady businesses. But Topaze gets the last laugh when he beats Benac at his own game.

    Long considered a “lost” classic, Sellers' lone featur...