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Watch this video and more on Film Movement Plus

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  • The King of Laughter

    One of Naples’ most beloved playwrights, Eduardo Scarpetta (Toni Servillo) staged extraordinary comedic productions with his family troupe that were only rivaled by the constant drama surrounding his tumultuous personal life. But at the height of his popularity in 1904, Scarpetta risked it all wi...

  • Reflection

    Ukrainian surgeon Serhiy joins the military to fight against the Russians in the Donbas region. After being captured by enemy soldiers, he witnesses the horrific torture and interrogation of his compatriots while being forced to monitor their vital signs. Following his release, Serhiy returns hom...

  • Mother Lode

    Jorge leaves his moto-taxi business in the suburbs of Lima and his family to seek fortune as a miner, reaching the highest and most dangerous Andean gold mine in Peru. Lost under a glacier in the mountains, La Rinconada is “the closest city to the sky”. It attracts thousands of seasonal workers l...