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Drive-In Retro Classics: Aliens

Drive-In Retro Classics: Aliens

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Drive-In Retro Classics: Aliens
  • The Brain from Planet Arous

    An evil organism resembling a giant brain from the distant planet Arous crash lands on Earth and takes over the body of a nuclear scientist. Its objective is to deplete the Earth’s resources and use its power of mind control to build a galactic army. In hot pursuit is another alien brain on a mis...

  • The Cosmic Man

    An unidentified flying object travels to Earth carrying a humanoid figure who appears to military personnel in his cosmic state, and displays its far superior intelligence while delivering a message of hope. The Air Force Colonel in charge, however, believes that the being must be a threat and at...

  • Devil Girl from Mars

    The planet Mars needs to restock its supply of males after they are wiped out after a battle of the sexes. Into the Scottish Highlands of Earth comes a flying saucer piloted by Nyah, part of the advance party to prepare the mission to round up Earth’s suitable men and take them back to Mars. But...

  • Robot Monster

    Ro-Man is sent to Earth and destroys all of humanity except for a small band of survivors. The bigfoot-like creature attempts to dispatch the remaining humans one at a time, but winds up falling in love with one of his intended victims instead, drawing the ire of his ruler, the Great Guidance.


  • Stranger from Venus

    A visitor from Venus arrives in Britain to deliver a warning to Earth: our nuclear weaponry poses a grave threat not only to Earth, but to other nearby planets as well. The Venusian offers that Venus is willing to share its great knowledge with Earth, but retracts the offer after witnessing the b...