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Spotlight on Short Films from NFFTY

Spotlight on Short Films from NFFTY

Film Movement Plus is partnering with the National Film Festival for Talented Youth (NFFTY) – the world’s largest and most influential film festival for emerging directors – to showcase shorts from around the world during the month of December, leading up to National Short Film Day on December 28th.

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Spotlight on Short Films from NFFTY
  • Avant que tu partes

    A taming game between a father and his daughter, after two years of absence.

    Juliette Poitras is a young Montreal screenwriter and director who graduated from Concordia University (Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema) in 2019 and is the recipient of the 2019 Mel Hoppenheim Award for Outstanding Over...

  • Backwater

    A young man proposes to his girlfriend on a magical summer evening but doesn't end up getting the answer he initially expected.

    Mone Frogg Christiansen is a director and scriptwriter from Oslo. Her background derives from drama and philosophy studies. She has directed numerous films, including t...

  • Cruz

    A young man in Oaxaca runs into successive dead-ends while searching for a better life and gainful employment in a violent, impoverished society.

    Andrea Rosales studied Communications, focusing in cinema, at Universidad Iberoamericana. She was Programming Director at the Kinoki International Fil...

  • Swipe Right for Murder

    An aspiring crime writer, forced into online dating by her best friend, finds her perfect match on a website. Unfortunately, their interests are a little too closely aligned, only it is not fictional crime he likes to dabble in.

    Raine Bracken is a filmmaker based in Toronto. She began making fil...

  • Partners in Crime

    Two best friends rob a house to get fast cash for an abortion.

    Kerry LeVielle is a queer-identifying writer and director based in Upstate New York. She is a 2019 Sundance Ignite Fellow and an alumnus of the Creative Culture Emerging Artist Fellowship at the Jacob Burns Film Center. Her most rece...

  • Pledge It

    One elementary school, twenty children, how could saying the pledge of allegiance go so wrong?

    Rachael Sonnenberg is a 23-year-old filmmaker from New York City who graduated from Wesleyan University with a BA in Film and American Studies. She is currently working as a freelance director and prod...

  • The Same Story

    Madeline, a young journalist covering the trial of an old friend, can't stop thinking of all the events that brought them there.

    Born and raised in Milan, Italy, Alice Airoldi moved to the United States to follow her passion for filmmaking. She pursued a degree in Film Production at Emerson Coll...

  • The Hunt

    Spivey, a hardened private on a claustrophobic, American military base, entangles herself in an intimate relationship with the self-proclaimed alpha of the base. As tensions in her arrangement grow high, power and masculinity are put into question, forcing Spivey to make unimaginable decisions in...

  • Superbody

    After seeing a commercial for a new workout bike, a man becomes obsessed with his routine; and the woman on the screen.

    Ethan Hawthorne-Dallas is a nineteen-year-old filmmaker from Seattle, Washington. Before attending the Savannah College of Art and Design for a BFA in filmmaking, he was a stud...

  • A Family Reunion

    Young Kelly invites her emotionally distant father to hunt for ghosts in her recently-deceased grandfather's house.

    Ben Kadie is a writer, director, and visual effects artist. His 16 short films have screened at more than 200 festivals around the world, winning 5 top festival awards and 38 top y...

  • Aşrı (Distant)

    Bahar's simple but happy life changes after her husband buys a second wife, Meryem. After spending a day filled with tension, the women realize that they’re not that different from each other.

    Ecegül Bayram is a Turkish director and production designer. She graduated from New York University Tis...

  • Baby

    Baby (Alexa Swinton), a distracted, seven-year-old girl in a cheaply stitched princess dress, spends her days in and around the food court where her mother works. Baby and Ma, now quite used to this routine, are visited by an unwanted guest who changes the course of their tranquility.


  • The Beginning

    A boy, alone in his world, is visited by an unexpected but familiar figure.

    Born in Seoul but growing up in New Jersey, Dennis Sungmin Kim spent much of his middle school science classes drawing and designing fantastical creatures and characters. To this day he is still trying to compensate for ...

  • Dancing on Black and White

    Liu Hao, the blind pianist, tells the journey and struggles of how he and his mother left their hometown in China to search for his chance to pursue his passion and perform in many of America's most prestige music halls.

    John Li did not follow a traditional path to becoming a filmmaker. Upon bei...

  • Freak Beast

    Professional wrestler, Freak Beast, is going to have to learn the most difficult move: how to cry.


  • Home is Where

    Eva prepares for a home visit with an adoption agency only to realize she has shared history with the social worker sent to interview her.

    Susan McCormick is a writer, director, and editor from Newington, CT. Susan graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design where she fine tuned her skills...

  • I Should Have Loved a Thunderbird Instead

    Set in the heart of the Scottish Highlands, the story follows the quirky and optimistic Frankie as she tries to deal with her boyfriend's corpse.

    Director Debora Maité Bottino is a writer and director currently based in Glasgow.


  • Meeting at Half Past Five

    There’s no doubt that the world is cruel and corrupt. Still, this evening Philip gets more proof of this.

    Daria Litvichenko is an emerging filmmaking interested in both life action and animation. Her works have been screened at international festivals, such as SIFF and the BFI Future Film Festiv...

  • Mormor

    A personal essay film about grief, seen through the lens of the filmmaker's relationship to his grandmother and the things she left behind after passing away.


  • Night-Riders

    Driven out of their homeland, an endling, or the last remaining member of a species, reflects on displacement, colonialism and extinction.

    Jules F. Chin Greene is a multiracial Asian and Pacific-American filmmaker, musician, and writer based in Los Angeles. She wrote, directed, and acted in the ...

  • Nostos

    Nostos, refers to an ancient Greek literary theme that features an epic hero's homeward journey from sea. Nostos portrays the power of raw emotion from the recollection of fragile memories, meeting the people you missed knowing and the longing innocence of growing up. Nostalgia is the feeling tha...

  • Papa-Figo

    A child's play turns out to be a nightmare when they set out to challenge an urban legend.

    Director Alex Reis, 1996, was born in São Paulo. He is an Actor, Director, Editor and Storyboarder. PAPA-FIGO is his debut film as director and screenwriter.

    BRAZIL | 2018 | PORTUGUE...

  • Roses are Yellow

    Maybe the one you love isn't the one you need?


  • Sisters

    In 1970s Minnesota, a young nun falls in love with a runaway girl.

    Director Mandy Jacobs is an LA-based filmmaker interested in production for film and television. In 2019 she graduated from Chapman University where she earned her BFA in Film Production with an Emphasis in Directing and was the ...